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16 Ways To Make Legit Extra Money From Home

Would you like to make legit extra money from home? Discover these ways to earn money and develop a career, everything from the comfort of your home.

Given the variety of skills and experiences we have, the ways to earn money from home are more than many. The next list presents 16 different ways to earn money and work from the comfort of your home.

1. Direct Sales

This is the classic work of a mother who works from home, but it can be for more people than just mothers. Selling things you like can be a good way to earn extra money, even if you work a closed full-time schedule in an office.

Direct sales are adaptable to your lifestyle, ambition and talent. You can keep it casual and sell it only to friends and acquaintances. Or, if you have the opportunity to network online and face-to-face, you can create your own customer list outside your circle.

2. Research Evaluation

Search reviewers are the people who check the search engine algorithms that are presented to you when you search for a particular search term. By following very strict guidelines, they provide the necessary feedback to determine whether the results are accurate, complete, relevant and current.

To become a research assessor, you must be an expert in languages ​​and culture. Research assessment jobs are generally bilingual jobs. And usually, a degree is required.

3. Rent your room

Do you have an extra room in your house and live in an area where there is a demand for this type of rental? So make the most of the situation. Living near a university is a good example.

The internet and platforms like Airbnb have come to facilitate these services. Which in turn makes it easier to make legit extra money from home? Using these platforms you can rent a room, share a room or even a house. And for as long as you establish.

4. Drive your car

Like Airbnb, becoming a driver for companies like Uber, Lyft and others is a way to integrate the shared economy. Although not technically through your home, the flexibility and comfort of this service allows us to include you in this list.

But there are details to take into account about this service as well as insurance and paying your income taxes.

5. Ask your superior to work from home

To start making legit extra money from home, one of the most obvious places to look is your current job. When companies allow tele-work, it is usually a benefit for current employees. To make your current job a tele-job, one of the first things to do is to develop a tele-job proposal for your superior. However, you must first consider whether its functions allow it to be performed in the form of tele-work

6. Test websites and applications

Companies need employees with different levels of technical skills to test their websites, applications and social content. Sign up with one of these companies and do quick jobs when browsing the web and testing applications.

Although it is not a career, it is an easy and quick way to earn extra money from home. The only thing to keep in mind is that this is not a constant, so take advantage if you find opportunities of this kind.

7. Call-Center Agent

Working in a virtual call center is a good way to start your new professional career to earn legit extra money from home. Unlike many other industries, this type of company usually hires new employees (usually without much experience) to work from home.

This type of collaborators can work in areas such as Customer Support, Sales or Technical Support. Find out about offers of this kind that allow tele-work in the Job Alert .

8. Chat Agent

If talking on the phone is not practical for you, you can still work in the Customer Support area from home. Many of the same companies hire Chat Agents. This type of employment includes:

Answering customer questions

Conduct research

Moderate communication channels (social networks) and more

9. Start your daycare from home

If you like children and would like to enter this area professionally (and from home), the nursery / child care center may be the answer. Starting a day care center from home, like any other business, involves a lot of work, research, costs and customers.

Each state has different regulations and laws that may require renovations to your home in order to perform these functions, nothing like a Google search on the subject does not answer.

Another path you can take is by becoming a babysitter for families you already know. However, this usually includes having to move to these families’ homes.

10. Taking care of pets

There are several services that people will purchase for their pets. Although most of the time you will not be at home, these services offer the same kind of benefits of a flexible lifestyle as a home business. Some services in the area of ​​pets include:

Open a pet center

Walking dogs

Working as a dog trainer

Taking care of dogs / cats

11. Type from home

If you have the talent for typing fast, there are different ways to use it to make money from home. For some it takes experience and training, for others not so much.

Data recording, for example, requires little experience; however, if it is not fast enough there is no money for anyone. Specialized transcription, on the contrary, requires training and experience.

12. Become a writer

Do you want to do more than write words? So why not consider a career in writing. There are many ways to be a writer (think of blogs, fictional work and children’s books), and most of them can be done at home. For example: tele-work or freelancer.

The best thing about writing is that it can start small and with very little experience. You may not earn much at first, but as you create your portfolio you can expand your knowledge to other, more profitable types of writing.

13. Grab small jobs

Do you have skills that are in high demand? So this is definitely for you. With these skills you can choose jobs in your neighborhood (work your network). But don’t stop here! There are so many ways to use the internet to find small jobs.

There are websites for this type of offer. These small jobs (or tasks) can be online and in the real world – like making purchases and confirming prices, cleaning, repairs, writing, editing, translations, transcriptions, data recording, among many others.

14. Sell your works

Use the hobby you like so much and start doing it for legit extra money from home. The possible numbers of different types of crafts you can create are endless – knitting, jewelry, ceramics, textiles, etc.

For this to work, you must be concerned not only with the quality of the product but also with the way that promotes it. You can sell it on the market or use the internet to expand your options.

15. Go shopping

There are certain ways to make money when you go shopping. You can perform tasks that involve shopping, such as checking prices or photographing the interior of commercial surfaces, or shopping as a mystery shopper.

16. Become a tutor

Private lessons can be taken from the tutor’s home or online. If you choose the first option, the tutor will have to create a network and have experience in the field. On the other hand, if it is online, it can be done through companies that provide the connection between tutor and student, while also providing the infrastructure to conduct classes.

Most require a degree and experience in the field, but for some companies these requirements are negotiable.

Know more

Now that you know these ways to make legit extra money from home, you can start thinking about developing your career. So, get ready to take the first step. With the situation that Portugal is currently facing with the Covid-19 pandemic, this tele-work option has clearly grown. Check out our advice to help you deal with this particular situation.

Are you ready to start working from home? Then follow our tips that will better your day-to-day.

In order to maintain your productivity in high performance, it is essential not only to establish some rules but also to manage your time efficiently to make legit extra money from home. Learn to maintain the balance between the professional and personal environment when you are a working mother or father.

Are you currently looking for a job? Then find out about the professional opportunities available on our job portal.

In addition, the new Job Alert tool allows you to search for professional opportunities with the possibility of working from home. Discover all available offers.

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