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Wahida Clark; Well-Known For Best Selling Novels

African-American novelist Wahida Clark is well-known for her best-selling novels in the Thug series. Her works have appeared on the bestseller lists of the New York Times and Essence. She started writing while serving a prison sentence. Wahida Clark was raised in Trenton, New Jersey, where she was born. While detained at a federal camp for women in Lexington, Kentucky, she decided to begin writing fiction.

She has a raw, street-inspired style and an overactive imagination. When you read one of her novels, you immediately feel as though you are inside the story, familiar with the characters, or have to meet them. Wahida is now residing in East Orange, New Jersey. Thugs And The Women Who Love Them, her debut book, and Every Thug Needs A Lady, its follow-up, are both on the Essence Best Sellers List.

Writing Career And Background:

While serving a 10-year jail term for laundering money, wire fraud, and mail fraud, Clark completed a creative writing course. She wrote her first novel on a yellow legal pad by hand, a method she has carried on to this day.

Early works by Clark were written and published while she was incarcerated, but after her release, Clark established Wahida Clark Presents Publishing Company LLC. She went on to write 11 books in all and identified her genre as Thug Love fiction, an urban fiction subgenre. She is also a co-author of the upcoming “The Pink Panther Clique” book series by Jamila T. Davis.

Clark has a second job as a motivational speaker in addition to writing. She gives speeches in juvenile facilities, middle schools, halfway houses, and jails, inspiring her audiences to pursue their goals, advance their careers, and avoid “wasting time.”

List Of Books By Wahida Clark:

Thugs and The Women Who Love Them (2002)

Every Thug Needs a Lady (2003)

Payback is a Mutha (2006)

Thug Matrimony (2007)

Sleeping With the Enemy (2008)

Payback With Ya Life (2008)

Thug Lovin’ (2009)

Golden Hustla (2010)

Justify My Thug (2011)

Payback Ain’t Enough (2012)

Honor Thy Thug (2013)

Blood, Sweat & Payback (2014)

Thugs 7 (2019)

Facts Regarding Wahida Clark:

The Oprah Winfrey of street literature is Wahida Clark.

Her novels provide distinctive storytelling, original viewpoints, and a diversity that is entirely lacking in publishing.

Because they are entirely privately owned, her writings stand out among those of African Americans and operator publishers.

She has a similar voice to rock and roll icon Jimi Hendrix’s granddaughter.

She is dedicated to extending the journey from prison to publishing and has incarcerated authors on her roster.

All You Need To Know About Wahida Clark

Wahida Clark is one of only four urban fiction authors to have had a book appear on the New York Times bestseller list, and she has become one of this generation’s most sought-after writers. She is the only author of urban lit on the list that has also spent time in prison.

The current Queen of Hip-Hop Fiction, Nikki Turner, named Wahida Clark the Queen of Thug Love Fiction in 2005. Since then, she has earned the title of “Queen of Street Literature.” According to Professor Vanessa Irvin Morris’ Readers Reference to Street Literature, “Wahida Clark is the founder of the Thug Love Fiction genre, a street-lit subgenre.

She started the trend by being the first street-lit author to write a series. Urban literature now follows Wahida’s example of writing style. Her books are so realistic that you get convinced that you know the characters, want to know the characters or are one of the characters as you read them. For more information, you can visit

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