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Let’s RideBoom & Getting Drivers Back on the Road

After a year of lockdowns and living in, we all are getting vaccinated and cities are opening, as they do, RideBoom is starting to come back in Tri-City India and start working on the launching strategy for other parts and cities in India.  

RideBoom starts recovering its momentum and we now like to invest in Drivers as per RideBoom founder CEO’s own words.RideBoom platform got lifelong incentives for the drivers who work full-time or part-time.

The incentives are there to help the drivers. RideBoom got more riders requesting trips than there are drivers available to give them a ride and with the recently added bike & scooter there is a very high demand for RideBoom rides.

We are always working on improving the safety of the passengers and drivers.

RideBoom drivers will be always there for either you are going to get vaccinated or going out for your weekend get-together.

With RideBoom there is no surge price, we don’t do any rides auction there will be always unique pricing we never raise our price when the riders need us the most.

With RideBoom gender booking, it’s the only single app in the globe where you can select the driver gender for your safety rides. RideBoom encourages the women drivers to come forward and start earning and learning while driving with RideBoom.

Another safety feature in their app is a red light icon button on the rider map. This could help and improve the rider’s chances of getting help when you need it while in a car. This button is like a small red light icon if the rider press this will connect the call to the police station.

You can get your preferred driver whenever you book a car or bike with RideBoom all you have to do is to enter the driver’s unique code when you register your details with RideBoom at the beginning.

Another great feature with RideBoom is the RB Coins it’s a ride credit, you will get at the end of each ride with the RideBoom car or scooter bike.

Everyone should want the economy to grow. A growing economy puts more money in families’ pocketbooks and charities’ budgets, the poor and unemployed have an easier time finding jobs, and families saving for retirement or their children’s education can see their nest eggs grow.

RideBoom passengers are helping to revitalize local communities by local spending.

RideBoom is the only platform at this stage that is available in Australia and India while still on the bootstrap.

“ we will provide affordable rides at the lowest price possible” This the words of the founder CEO Mr. Malhi.

India continues to move through positive recovery milestones, and as COVID-19 restrictions lift across the country, so too does travel. The drivers are so excited that RideBoom is receiving many calls and emails from the drivers around the major cities requesting to launch RideBoom.

According to RideBoom, this is great news for us that drivers and passengers like our service.

RideBoom is still a bootstrap business having great potential and a dream to be available in major cities around the globe in the coming years.

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