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VCashPay proves that it can operate without a central mint

VCashPay is a digital payment method and like bitcoin it has proved that it doesn’t need a central mint to operate. This peer to peer electronic transfer method of payment can do several thousand transactions in a minute and needs no mint.

[California] dated June 28th, 2021- there has been a surge in the popularity of peer to peer electronic cash system ever since bitcoin became a household name. Similar names have emerged and VCP seems to be one of them.

VCP is a cent percent proof of stake cryptocurrency that was made from scratch in open source java. It makes use of an excellent proof of stake algorithm and is completely made foolproof to nothing at stake attacks that has perturbed several other cryptocurrencies. When the Genesis block was released, as many as 1 billion tokens were available. It makes use of core transactions type as this won’t require any kind of script networking.

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, “We are aware of how complex an electronic economy can be. This is why we have made VCP super secure, mighty quick, and definitely efficient at the same time. Care has been taken to ensure that this digital money can scale globally even while having a minimal resource footprint. All these factors have greatly cemented the popularity of VCP.”

It is only when the digital money can be processed super fast and is completely secure that it won’t have to rely on any mint  for the sake of operating. VCP has managed to achieve that because it satisfies all requirements needed for the sake of doing so. The example set by bitcoin seems to have given impetus to other cryptocurrency and VCP too has followed suit.

The whole process of using this electronic payment method is listed on the website and once users get a hang of it, it is relatively simple to follow. This whole system prides itself on the ease of use and the speed of transactions along with the high level of security they offer.

Those who would like to check further details of what this cryptocurrency has to offer and how to use it should make it a point to visit

About VCashPay

VCashPay happens to be a digital money method and is a hundred percent proof of stake cryptocurrency that was made in open source java from the very scratch. It is completely efficient , reliable, and super fast as well.


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