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Estonaco Consulting LLC: Top 5 quality criteria of housing

Estonaco Consulting LLC on housing as a product, how the pandemic has affected customer needs, demands and requirements. Five points to pay high attention to.

According to Estonaco Consulting LLC experts just the location of the complex isn’t the only decision-affecting factor  when choosing a business-class housing. Buyers are paying more and more attention to the presence of ergonomic layouts, the creativity of architecture and well-thought-out landscaping, both adjacent to the house and public areas.

Over the past 10 years the approaches to the construction of the business-class housing and the requirements of buyers to the quality of the product have changed significantly. The modern buyer began to research the market and the construction companies more thoroughly, checking their reputation, credentials and compliance with state regulations. High attention is paid to all the details of the project: facade materials, common areas, application of Eco-friendly materials in landscaping and other important features of a modern residential real estate.

Estonaco Consulting LLC identified five quality indicators that buyers tend to assess thoroughly:

1. Project location and infrastructure: transport accessibility, proximity to parks, schools, shopping malls, as well as future development of the area and the ecology condition.

2. The exterior of the house and the quality of materials used during the main construction, facing and decoration. The architecture of the building and its surroundings – this is the first thing every buyer is attracted by.

3. The popularity of modern solutions for housing is growing on the market: master bedrooms, dressing rooms, saunas, transparent bathroom rooftops are not something new but the quality of technologies is improving having a greater influence on common things around us.

4. Improvement and reconstruction of the residential complex is one of the most valued types of investment projects Estonaco Consulting offers to its clients. Such projects allow for better view on the perspective as the real estate is already there, just waiting for a neat touch of modern art and design.

5. The reputation of the developer. Growing influence of online social media platforms and designated networks grant access to immense volumes of free information. Don’t waste your time and efforts, leave the analytics to experts. We guarantee precise and extensive collection of reviews and information on each project whether be it a single unit or whole suburban district.  

Estonaco Consulting delivers the service to a new standard. Real estate investing and management can be simple with an appropriate approach. Feel free to contact us for more info on both available and upcoming projects!

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