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How to make the right choice: curtains


Glass curtains or awnings? This is a Hamlet question to ask!

Glass curtains or awnings? This is a Hamlet question to ask!

If there are no particular problems then the choice must be based mainly on taste and personal preference.

The marquee furnishes much more than the tende a vetro, and takes up more space, despite the large size, however, it turns out to be a comfortable solution, the practicality of the marquee allows in fact to have the glass free or covered with a simple move, and this it does not require special efforts.


As far as privacy and confidentiality are concerned, there is a distinction to be made: the glass curtains remain on the window frame, thus blocking the view only when the window is closed.

The marquee, on the other hand, thanks to its greater mobility, allows you to maintain home intimacy even with wide open windows.


Speaking of furniture, however, it is necessary to emphasize that in simple and bare environments the marquee is certainly the best choice: its importance completes the furnishing of the house perfectly, but it is also true that when the choice falls on the latter, the customizations are certainly limited. compared to the choice that glass curtains offer.

If, on the other hand, you prefer modern furniture then it is certainly better to opt for the marquee: smooth, simple and light for a breathtaking effect


However, it must be said that, in principle, there are rooms in the house where it is recommended to use glass curtains instead of awnings, and vice-versa: for example, in the bathroom and in the kitchen it is usually recommended to use tende a vetri, while in the bedroom and living room the tendaggio is a popular choice.

Are you a beginner and find yourself having to take measurements for the glass curtains?

Although the operation is very simple, a considerable amount of precision is required: a mistake, however small, could upset the result, making your glass curtains appear crooked or lopsided.

The step is to establish the support on which the tende moderne will be mounted. Deciding how to fix glass curtains also means choosing the type of measurement to be performed. Using pressure glass curtain rods, the measurement to be taken will refer to the internal dimensions of the glass; if, on the contrary, you prefer rods to be fixed with nails or with the adhesive support in the upper part of the window, the dimensions to be taken will concern the window, including the glass frame.

Glass curtains can have a curled effect, drawstrings, loops or be smooth and taut. Obviously, each type of effect requires a different calculation of the dimensions, in order to obtain the desired result.

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