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“A Million Ways to Care” is the second volume in the children’s book series “Mia & Anthony and the Hidden Treasures” by Joe Khoury

A Million Ways to Care” is the second volume in the children’s book series “Mia & Anthony and the Hidden Treasures” by Joe Khoury. In book #1, “A Big Brave Heart,” precocious twins Mia and Anthony learn what bravery really means. In this next volume, the pair find out that it doesn’t require lots of money to be generous and to care about others. With each new book release in this poignant series designed for school-age children, Mr. Khoury helps young readers view our most compelling feelings through the lens of Mia and Antony’s perspectives. The series imparts valuable insights for kids while entertaining them at the same time.

As “A Million Ways to Care” unfolds, the twins learn that a very wealthy, yet generous man has given away a million dollars to fund a hospital in Africa. Mia and Anthony are very impressed, and they hope that they will become rich enough some day so they, too, can be just as kind. At the present time, however, they have only a dollar between them!

Nevertheless, the wealthy donor has made an impression on the kids, but as they go about their day, they come to understand that kindness and care don’t come with a price tag. The twins learn that being kind to those around them can make a big difference too, like when they help their mother who is feeling tired, or when they show an interest in the new girl who is shy and dresses differently from everyone else.

Like all the books in the series, “A Million Ways to Care” is centered around core values that Mr. Khoury, as a father himself, knows to be crucial to a child’s development. Mr. Khoury hopes that readers will understand and appreciate that the most valuable things they can give to others are their own time and small acts of kindness. This story culminates with the twins coming to understand that giving is just as much fun as receiving — and maybe even more!

As a young child growing up in Lebanon, Mr. Khoury lost his parents at an early age, which forced him to grow up quickly. He knows how important it is to be resilient, and he wants other children to embrace the most enriching life lessons as soon as they’re able. Each day is a gift, and he wants children to be aware of that while embracing all the joy that life can bring — and all the joy that they, as young as they are, can give!

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