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Cellpia, high-end stem cell technology in a drop of science

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Seoul, Korea – Cellpia comes at a time where self-care is more important than ever. With the expertise and presence of more than three decades, Cellpia Cosmetics puts itself on the map of skincare excellence. Cellpia Ampoule provides the most effective and intensive care for all skin troubles, supplies nutrients deep into the skin, and helps to improve skin resilience.

The Miracell technology provides in a single drop the science of regeneration and awakens the power of the cells with the help of peptides and the growth factors. It improves the apparition of the wrinkles, fights against aging while restoring the overall skin condition. The applied science allows deep penetration into the dermal layer to promote the cell’s skin activation and to shorten its regeneration time.

앉아있는, 테이블, 음식, 컴퓨터이(가) 표시된 사진자동 생성된 설명

Cellpia Blanc Booster upgrades the resilience of the skin and unevens out the skin tone, it hydrates the skin deep within and diminishes the fine lines, whilst the stem cell culture medium restores and rejuvenates the skin’s cells.

We are very excited to offer “youth in a drop” for every conscious individual, and it’s an opportunity for us to grow globally and to be accessible to everyone,” says Shin Hyun Soon, CEO of Miracell Corporation and Founder of Cellpia Global Platform

Miracell is a stem cell specialized company founded in 1986, that researches, and develops total stem cell solutions. Miracell discovered the delicate cell isolation technique from autologous blood and bone marrow. They used their expert technology to develop stem cell cosmetics that are under the Food and Drug Regulations, under GMP and ISO standards (certificates already acquired). Miracell holds patents of Cell Isolation and Extraction Technology. Cellpia Cosmetics were chosen for the Seoul Awards Innovative Brand and Product Idea.


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Company Name: Miracell Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Codi Ursu
Email: Send Email
Phone No: +82 70-4291-4010
Country: Korea
Website Url:


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