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What exactly is the revolutionary Smart Beauty Technology, and how Kira Sorokina, the Founder of NanoAsia leads it

By Mark Philips. New York, November 21th 2020 — To put it simply, it concerns nanotechnological research, its adaptation and then application in cosmetology.  Nanoasia, under the management of Kira Sorokina, was one of the first international companies to work in this field when it started more than five years ago. Nanoasia is a brand of exclusive cosmetics for use in salons and at home, which was the first to test and bring airbrush non-injection anti-ageing products to the market.


The secret lies in tiny nano particles, each around 4 nanometers in length (and so therefore smaller than the diameter of even the driest skin pores). “This means that the active components can penetrate deeper into the skin without needing to use an injection” mentioned Kira Sorokina.  The product contains peptides, biosynthesized from plants, amino acids (proteins) and plant extracts of the highest quality. It is important to note that Nanoasia’s ingredients are all able to serve their complex individual function due to the balanced recipe, which ensures that every ingredient compliments and enhances the others. “This is why just a handful of components can come together to provide an integrated product that solves all of the most common issues” she added. Despite Nanoasia being produced in South Korea, using their technologies, all of the formulas are adapted to the needs of European skin types. The device and cosmetic products, developed and produced by Nanoasia, are designed to work with the skin, skin cells and facial muscles.  

Now let’s take a closer look at Nanoasia’s innovative components and how they work!


Nanoasia’s serums (which are currently produced in three distinct varieties) represent the new generation of non-injection bio-revitalizers. These unique plant-based nanocomplexes contain a high concentration of nano-peptides, amino acids and plant extracts. They target all of your skin’s age-related changes, penetrating directly into the dermis and working instantly from the first application! They can correct the face’s oval shape, tightening the cheeks and restoring their elasticity. They iron out any smile lines and baggy skin under the eyes, whilst also helping you to lose any facial fat (by improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage). They nourish and rejuvenate the skin at a cellular level. They help to lighten up any pigment stains and bleaching. They help to prevent muscular spasms, preserving your natural facial expressions, reducing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. They restore the cellular structure of collagen fibers, preventing the sebaceous glands from becoming overactive. They enhance cell regeneration, removing any pigment stains and rebuilding the structure of the dermis.


Nanoasia has developed a unique device to allow these special serums to penetrate deep into the skin. Simply put, it is a portable compressor, suitable for use at a salon or, indeed, at home. Thanks to the product’s low-molecular composition and the tiny dimensions of the particles, non-injection mesotherapy using Nanoasia’s serums easily gets into the deeper layers of the skin, helped by the compressed air brush. The procedure of applying the product to the skin with a strong jet of air is as painless as can be.

Besides the serums, Nanoasia also produces many incredible products which work on both the dermis and the facial muscles. Our mousse, enzyme exfoliating roll and the serum effectively clean and maintain your skin thanks to our Air Bubbles technology. This is the ideal base care for everyone – deep and delicate cleansing, intense moisturization, nourishment and stimulation to help your skin become rejuvenated and regenerated. This all comes from the high concentration of peptides, amino acids and plant extracts.

The product containing nanoneedles (cream + serum) has a comprehensive effect: it lifts and rejuvenates the skin, eliminating wrinkles and pigmentation, improving skin tone and elasticity. It provides nutrition and protection to the skin, thanks to the inclusion of plant extracts, amino acids and the self-soluble ‘nanoneedles’ (compounds derived from seaweed which ensure that the nutritional components can penetrate as far as possible into the skin). 

Nanoasia’s creams have a unique formula. The My Che duet (cream for the skin around your eyes and face), our EVA body cream and VS – our air-cushioning cream – are all the first of their kind in the world. They contain a high concentration of amino acids (the building blocks of our very organisms), peptides and plant stem cell extracts from a 100 year old ginseng plant and a 1000 year old yew tree. The formulas of these products guarantee rejuvenation, recovery and care from within, at a cellular level, giving you a powerful lifting effect, nourishment, protection and ironing out any wrinkles, pigments and much more. Air Cushion is also SPF 50+ and contains UV protection thanks to its ‘intelligent’ fluid formula and nano-particle technologies. This ensures the ideal coverage for every day, without clogging or overwhelming the pores. It is a light foundation with an almost weightless texture and is compatible with any skin color when heated.

Our products pay special attention to your facial muscles. Our mask contains 45 active components including peptides, extracts from gem stones and plants. The mask stimulates isometric pressures within the skin. The muscles pulsate against this pressure with the uniform pressure acting like yoga for the face. The muscles then become toned and stronger. Facial and dermal muscles are smoothed out, skin elasticity is restored, the youthful oval shape of your face returns and double chins are removed. Our Nanolifting system for Youthful Skin is a revolutionary lifting mask for your facial muscles and dermis, containing powerful antioxidant and antiseptic components. The mask contains the highly-prized components of Astragalus root extract, Trehalose, 9 different peptides and 12 plant extracts which combine to achieve the following: they slow down the ageing process of cells; kickstart the extracellular matrix; regulate the tension of the vascular wall (Rosacea) and stimulate the restoration of the structural elements of the dermis – collagen, elastin, fibronectin and glycosaminoglycans.


Besides its exterior care potential, Nanoasia also looks after your skin from within. To achieve this we have developed unique products, including a bio-active additive (Nanodessert Nutritional) and a youthful elixir (Nanocell Youth Elixir).

  • Nanodessert Nutritional regulates bacteria and activates your digestive system, revitalizing the cells and strengthening the skin’s ability as a barrier. It strengthens the skin’s immunity from free radicals, guaranteeing anisotropy and skin elasticity. It has a strong anti-parasitic component, acts as an anti-inflammatory and strengthens the body’s immunity.
  • Nanoasia Nanocell Youth Elixir contains extracts of meristematic cells from a 100 year old wild ginseng plant. Its effectiveness has been proven clinically. This extract is a powerful immunomodulator and adaptogen. It has anti-cancer properties, protecting and restoring liver cells. It regulates the level of cholesterol and glucose in your blood, strengthening blood vessel walls. Furthermore, it increases immunity as well as mental and physical performance. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It produces a pronounced adaptogenic and anti-ageing effect. It regulates the functions of cellular nutrition and produces a hepatoprotective effect as well as containing cardiac and antihypertensive qualities.

Nanoasia holds three patents for cutting-edge research in cosmetology, as well as having a few further patents pending approval. The company has not only won praise in Russia, CIS countries and Europe, but also made it to Canada and Panama, and it is expected to open a branch in the United States soon” expressed Kira; “today, Nanoasia has 60 representatives in 28 cities and 8 countries. Our brand’s mission is to give every woman the opportunity to hold onto her natural beauty for as long as possible.”

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