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FXBTG: Investing In Building “Micro Entrepreneurship” Barriers to Seize the New Infrastructure of Blockchain

Richmond Hill, ON, Canada – “Micro entroprenurship” has been the High frequency vocabulary of the present society. How to recover the economy rapidly and steadily in the post- epidemic era has been the challenge faced by the whole society.

It has been said that FXBTG has started the plan “agent recruitment” in early August, and lauched the digital currency of the contract transactions. It signs that the strategic centre of the FXBTG group will be transferred to stimulate the investment economy, which energizes the industrial field of the regional chain.

At present, the regional chain has permeated into many fields, such as digital finance, supply chain management and digital asset trading. The business has broad scenes and it is full of the potentiality. As the chinese government sets the tone and weigh the policies, the future regional chain is bound to give birth to many new opportunities. There is no doubt that it will bring much imaginative space for the owning the technology advantage and the transactions of the first – mover advantage.

FXBTG Group review the situation, around the people’s livelihood and blockchain financial technology, continue to make efforts.

Up to the present, the group has signed investment agency agreements with 458 enterprises or individual signing the investment agency agreement from five countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and China. It is not difficult to see that the “micro entrepreneurship” barrier constructed by FXBTG has begun to take shape. And how to better help these entrepreneurs, for an old- brand securities dealer, iteration and update of products are the core competitiveness. The launch of digital currency contract transaction shows the company’s “mystery” of keeping pace with the times. At present, the company has launched BTCUST and ETHUST products trading, which has changed the previous single investment mode, and can only create wealth opportunities when the market is positive.

FXBTG” said“The temporary suspension under the epidemic has created many new jobs and new models. FXBTG will give full play to its advantages in the industry for many years, and provide convenient opportunity for the “micro investment, financing and entrepreneurship” for more entrepreneurs around the world. ”

FXBTG ( is registered with the National Futures Association(NFA), and Financial Service Authority(FSA) and authorized Contract for Difference(CFD) holders, committed to using big data and other technologies to enable foreign exchange trading services, so that participants in the global foreign exchange market can obtain a more transparent, efficient and convenient trading experience.


FXBTG Financial Group provides online trading of global financial markets including: foreign exchange, precious metals, crude oil, stock index, etc. It advocates making good use of the power of technology to provide customer with a trading platform that can trade global financial assets, and adopts transparent real-time pricing, minimum spreads and highly flexible trading leverage for customers can directly trade in global financial markets. FXBTG has always been committed to providing investment with safer capital guarantee and quality services through technology.

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Phone No: +603 2603 2233
Address: Richmond Hill ON L4B 3B2 Canada
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