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NC. FSAC: Great Advances of Technology in Pregnancy and Childbirth

Fertility is a precious gift that God given to mankind. However, with more and more women invest their time in career development, infertility became an inevitable circumstances. NC. FSAC, using life science and technology, is committed to help those in needs maximizing their potential for reproduction. Recently, the FSAC of NC Group has announced that the 4th generation of IVF has made significant progress and is expected to be adopted in clinical practice.

Introduction of the 4th Generation of IVF

The FSAC of NC Group’s reproductive facility is located in Thousand Oaks, California, USA. In addition of having an independent lab certified by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) , College of American Pathologists (CAP) and American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) . It is also the first laboratory in California with the license of 4th generation IVF technique. This technology is a breakthrough by completed the autologous mitochondrial transplantation after years of painstaking exploration. That means the mitochondria in the embryo could keep the purity of the genetic material in the egg cell, thus overcoming the ethical dilemma that genetic material must be changed by the 3rd IVF technology. The technology has undergone a lot of repeated experiments and the results are satisfied.  With this technology, the success rate of elderly primigravida has increased by 20%-30%.


The technology led by renowned physician, Dr. Wang Weihua. He was selected into the Hundred Talents Program of CAS and once served as the Director of five well-known IVF labs in the United States. He has been working on the research and exploration of IVF technology at the molecular over the past years. This technology is based on the traditional IVF, pioneering mitochondrial transplantation. With cutting-edge research equipment and tech team, we have rebuilt the IVF system.


Technical Strengths

For those who suffered from infertile, this technology will surely give them new hopes. For those missing their prime for fertilization to hew out a career for themselves, FSAC offers a more secure solution for women. The company preserves the high-quality eggs in the prime of life by freezing the eggs. There are four to five commercial egg banks in the United States, but few of them serve Asian consumers. FSAC has the world’s largest Asian egg bank that can provide a backup fertility for consumers.

FSAC have help delivered 25,000 babies during the last 28 years since it was founded in 1991. It takes over 1,500 cases a year in the FDA-certified independent laboratories and top-notch full-time assistants in the United States. Fertility experts and embryologists have gained industry authority and good reputation for their ability to treat difficult cases and the high success rate of late reproductive age customers.


Significance of the 4th Generation IVF Technology

In order to maximize the satisfaction of infertile patients, FSAC has introduced a service program for customers seek medical treatment in the United States. Top experts at FSAC’s California core lab have come up with a customized “one on one” program that dynamically adjusts a patient’s medication throughout the process. FSAC services also include fertility preservation, the 3rd generation IVF, surrogacy, assisted reproductive diagnosis and egg bank.

With the technological breakthrough of the 4th generation IVF, FSAC is at the forefront of the industry in terms of technical means, and the subsequent fourth-generation IVF clinical outcome will completely overcome the ethical barriers of the 3rd generation IVF to give birth of healthy babies.


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Phone No: +1-805-778-1122
Address: 325 Rolling Oaks Drive, Suite 110, Thousand Oaks
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